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tank girl for grrls_only


A community dedicated to all things Grrl. For Grrls of all shapes and sizes!!

~*~This community was co-founded by the lovely riotdollies pinkgumdrop and hollydollie.~*~

If you love Jessicka Fodera, Tina Root, Courtney Love, Tori Amos, Jennifer Finch, Melora Creager, Susan Wallace, Tarrie B., or any other sexxi female vocalists, join now!

If you adore glitter, makeup, glittery makeup, yarn falls, diy, black eyeliner, foxcore music, dreadlocks, hair dye, electronica, lollipops, rivets, leather, fishnets, pigtails, knee highs, faeries, living dead dolls, blood, stompy boots, chunky shoes, dollies, or anything even remotely doll-like, click here and join now!

For the most part there are no strict rules, but please abide by the following:

♥- PlEaSe nO cUteSy TyPing LiKE tHiS

♥- Mind your spelling-- things like ov, lyfe, thatz, yew, cud, and iz just look ignorant and *WILL* be edited from your posts.

♥- Keep pictures TASTEFUL-- no dirty panty shots, no pics of recent self mutilation, no distasteful nudes. Pictures that arent "work safe" should be placed behind a cut. Always. No exceptions.

♥- NO FLAMING OF YOUR FELLOW GRRLS! Rude comments are uneccesary and will not be tolerated. We're here to have fun, not tear eachother down!!

Your Mods:



Some sites to visit:

Switchblade Symphony Homepage

The beautiful Jessicka Fodera's website

♥ ♥ Rasputina Homepage ♥ ♥
The Ladies' Cello Society

Join the Courtney Love street team!
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